Neck pain one of the most common complaints for those of us that live in the modern computer linked world. It not only leads to headaches and fatigue, but if untreated can cause various neurological problems with the hands and wrists. Luckily, our bodies have a built-in pressure release valve.

There is good solid “channel theory” for why this works, but you don’t need to be schooled in that for this technique to help you un-kink that crick in your neck from sleeping funny or spending too much time hunched over a computer. A bit of self massage is all you need to unstuck the logjam of discomfort that keeps your head from gliding on its pivot. All you need to do is find a couple of sensitive points on your forearm, and give them a nice firm massage.

Where are these magic points?
Technically they are located on the Heart channel. To find the Heart channel draw an imaginary line from the outside corner of the little finger down to the bone that sticks out on the inside of your elbow. Then starting from the elbow palpate toward the little finger for some spots that are either tender, or feel like there are grainy nodules under the skin. Give these places a nice slow, firm rub with the thumb. At the same time, slow and gently move your head back and forth. When you have the right points, your neck will quickly begin to release as your gently move your head.

Which side should I use?
It depends; whichever side has the more tender points tends to be the side that is more effective. Many times there is some instantaneous relief. Even if that is the case, still it is best to massage and rotate your head for 3-5 minutes. Even if your neck is not sore, if you work long hours at a computer it is a good idea to do this as it will help to improve the blood flow to your neck and shoulders and prevent headaches, eyestrain and fatigue.

Try it out