Walk by the “allergy” section of any drugstore, expose yourself to less than an hour of primetime TV, or flip casually through any magazine and you are bound to encounter a goldrush of advertisements that tout relief for the itchy, running, sneezy, foggy headed clog of the invisible annoyance of pollens, dust and whatnot. Everywhere is the litany of suffering and promise of relief, but there is a curious silence when it comes to dealing with the core issue from which these symptoms arise.

What about getting to the root of the problem?
There is a vast arsenal of decongestants and antihistamines that drains both your wallet and your nose. Ever wonder why it is that one person sneezes at ragweed and another finds it to be no bother whatsoever? It has to do with the ability of your body to cope with the effect of various influences. The Chinese see it as the interplay of ? “Zheng” (upright) and ? “Xie” (pathogenic) qi.

English please!
In short if your body has a certain kind of strength and internal flexibility then outside influences are like a bug on the windshield. (splat) If your “Zheng qi” is weak, well then it is as if you driving without a windshield. Every little thing, including the wind itself, is a cause of irritation.

What to do?
The solutions is to strengthen the body’s own resources so that there is more strength and flexibility in terms of dealing with outside influences. Ever meet someone who was wound just a little too tight? A careless glance or word would set them off on an emotional rollercoaster. Or there are other people who are constantly taken advantage of, as their vocabulary lacks the word “no.” Some of us have a physical constitution that is a bit like these personalities. The body itself is either overly sensitive or too weak to defend its own territory. Either extreme brings its own kind of problems.

The Chinese long ago figured out that we are all uniquely different, and it is not effective to attempt to treat everyone the same. One person’s sneezing and sinus headache has a different root cause than someone else’s. So when you come to Yong Kang we do not “treat your allergies” we treat you by strengthening and balancing your unique system so that it is not so sensitive to outside influences.
In short, we install a windshield. And change your oil and rotate the tires while we are at it.

Ready to get to the root cause of those allergies? Roll on in!