the calming effect of acupunctureActivity. Doing. Pursuing our dreams, passions, goals, it is what gives meaning and juice to life. In our ever forward tumble toward “check it off the list” it is easy to lose sight of the essence of our goals. Projects creep in scope. An incoming tide of “to do’s” keeps us on a lightly adrenaline soaked edge. One by one, the “could you please” and “do you have time for’s” stack up like a pile of unread magazines.

What’s important?
Saying it is all important, is the same as saying nothing’s important. There are priorities. There are the opportunities to follow your heart’s true intent. But, you have know what that actually is, and that is often not so much a process of addition, as it is of subtraction.

This season, Fall, is a natural moment in the cycle of the year to pause, assess and let go what which does not serve our next phase of growth. A simple glance out the window will show you trees no longer in need of leaves, bursted and now dry seedpods last summer’s flowers, and the withered stalks of last season’s vitality.

So it is with us.
There is a time when that which sustained us up to a certain point no longer nourishes. There is a point not just of diminishing returns, but of past successes being more of a dragged anchor, than full sails. There is a time when we need to create a pregnant emptiness by following the question of “what do I need to stop doing?”

What no longer serves?
What no longer invigorates?
Has yesterday’s solution become today’s problem?
Want to “find the time” for that important project, or commitment?
Then what is called for is the courage to, with appreciation and fortitude, stop doing what does not lead us to where we aim.

Stop doing that which does not call to the heart of your passion and vision.
Stop doing that which does not add to the bottom line.
Stop doing that which is just good enough.
Stop doing that which gives you a slight twinge of regret.
Stop doing that which is a slow leak on your vitality.

Toss the stack of unread magazines and write your “stop doing” list.
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