It’s easy to set impossibly high goals and then decide to give up because we fail to meet those goals.It helps to acknowledge that you’re not as perfect as your mind (or the media) wants you to imagine you are. So often we fail to measure up, so we give up. You can avoid this by building in exceptions to avoid the collapse of failure.

You set yourself up to succeed. 

Even in challenging times, you can still see yourself as a person that does not eat sugary foods, and you can be that person, when you take reality into account.

“Reality” means you know that you’ll eat birthday cake at your grandchild’s party. You’ll eat the muffins that your neighbor brings over, because you’ve been doing that together for a decade. These are situations where it is not a matter of willpower or practice, and you build these exceptions into your goals.

With exceptions in place, you don’t fall for the self-accusation that you have failed, and may as well give up.

Know the situations that will be exceptions. Then keep your focus on the 95 percent of the time that you are doing what you set out to do, instead of being derailed by the 5 percent of times that you aren’t.

There are plenty of ways to live yourself in a sugar-free version of yourself, get the Journey Beyond Sugar Resource Kit and start today.