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Making a difference rarely is the result of stunningly bright talent alone. Genius and the odd bent of ability, while useful, will only serve for a portion of any extended journey. Persistence and the knack for continually being able to put yourself in front of what you want is required to achieve anything of remarkability.

Putting yourself in front of what you want. Coming back time and again, like a punch down clown that knows only how to find vertical, or a floating magnetic needle that unceasing seeks north. Putting yourself in front of what you want, regardless of consequence, regardless of opinion, and regardless of what obstacles arise to test your meddle and spirit. This is the essential habit for any who wish to live a larger version of life.

Put yourself in front of it.

Hone your internal pathfinder, sharpen your discernment; follow what furthers, however far a field it may seem.

This is not a journey for those not willing to fail, or unable to grasp the reins of success. Failure is part of the landscape. It is the teacher to whom we have a visceral aversion, but who helps us to solidify fundamentals. Success, like any intoxicate can lead to a spiral of missteps should we lack firm grounding and essential clarity of purpose. This is not a journey for those not willing to ride the polarities of change.

The process is relentless; you must become equally solid in your resolve.

Most of us, if we lift our heads up and out of the rule bound whispers of imagined safety and social consensus realize that it is our hand on the rudder of life. We can steer toward any dream we wish to dare. Vision, passion and intention are powerful tools that unfold a path that treads unmapped territory. While there are setbacks, the effort at times is rewarded by divine providence, synchronistic moments of affirmation and assistance, like stepping stones placed just so across a river. Some call it luck; some call it coincidence. I suspect, however, that as much as we are seeking a dream, that there too is a dream seeking us. Goals, intention, scribbles in a book and practiced consideration are all tools of value on this journey. But, none are as powerful as simply, and continually, putting yourself in front of what you want.

Keep putting yourself in front of your dream; at some point it will mow you down.

Want to learn a language? Go live where they speak it. Want to learn a skill? Find a way to connect your desire for learning with a Master who has been awaiting the arrival of an attentive and dedicated student. Want to see a change in the world? Create product or process that enhances life? Want the world to more strongly reflect your values? Put yourself in front of it.

Dreams are not measured by their achievability. They have their own measure and rule. They are not like prey to be pursued. In fact, they are out there hunting you down. Like miracles seek prayers, like passion seeks the burn of desire, dreams honed in on those with unyielding intent; and follow through.

It is not for the faint of Heart.

It is the ultimate expression of faith; the ultimate affirmation of life. It is trust with a capital T. Putting yourself in front of what you want is playing for keeps. It is as easy as a leaf releasing itself to the breath of the fall wind; difficult as the swim upstream to spawn, and as quietly powerful as the spin of stars through the heavens.

Put yourself in front of what you want.

Like daring a raging bull with red.

Put yourself in front of what you want. Be it with giant steps of courage, or the inching crawl through pain and dislocation; put yourself in front of it.

Nothing is more powerful than the untrumpable desire of those who possess direction and momentum. None possess the clarity of those who will not be deterred from the appointment they have scribed with destiny.

It is not a quick fix; it never is. It is not found on the path of the conventional, it does not thrive there. It is not found in our current skill set or bag of tricks; those must be left behind, or transmuted into something with wings, or claws, or polished brilliance. All points of departure are about loss and release. There are indeed dragons at the edges of our maps. Ride them!

Put yourself in front of what you want.