taijiThere are moments were the world is suddenly and completely different.

The first moment you noticed her hair falls like a kiss around her shoulders.
The space between breaths, when as a child, you first found balance on a bicycle.
The illumination and heart expanding feeling of getting a vision that launched your desire to quit a job, go back to school, or start a business. To get married, or divorced, or take the long way home.


There are moments, pivotable moments, where the world changes in a small, yet deeply profound way. Nothing is really different, yet, you can’t go back to the way things were a moment before.

According to the “Classic of Difficulties”, a Han Dynasty book on acupuncture, the QI is moved instantly when the right acupuncture point is hit. The pulse will immediately change. The body’s organs and energy remember an optimal balance. A few needles and the world is different.

Quietly, but unmistakably different. Like first noticing that you hold your body in a different posture, and then comes the awareness that there is no back pain.
Acupuncture encourages moments like this.