What People Are Saying

Skilled and sensitive
Michael is a very knowledgeable and intuitive practitioner of acupuncture & Chinese herbs. I felt that he effectively treated my mind- body concerns with sensitivity, insight & skill.  D.K.
Thank You!
Thank You Michael Max! After years of chronic back and neck pain due to degenerative disc disease and spinal fusion surgeries I am finally taking back my life. Through acupuncture, nutritional direction and lifestyle modifications Michael has helped me get my pain to a manageable level. He has helped me go from the verge of total disability to continuing my working status and enjoying my family life. If you’re struggling with chronic pain don’t give in to it. Give Michael Max a chance to help you get your life back.   C.K.

Michael is a great clinician who has helped me greatly! He’s the kind of healthcare provider you would want your mom to see!   J.M.

Sweet relief
I had been sick with a chest cold for over a week and was hoping that I wouldn’t end up with bronchitis-like build-up, a worst-case scenario for me.
Guess what…. Based on past experiences with Yong Kang clinic and Michael’s treatments, I requested a 30-minute cupping session. After an examination, Michael suggested a short period of acupuncture before the cupping. The results were not exactly on target, so Michael asked me if I had some time to return to the clinic two days later for a more extensive acupuncture session. I agreed and that session occurred yesterday. I am happy to report that last night was the first night in 10 days that I was able to sleep — almost 8 hours uninterrupted! The built-up phlegm has moved/is moving out of my system and my coughing has improved a lot.  J.D.

Yong Kang Clinic is a place of peace and healing
Do yourself a favor and make an appointment for the therapeutic bliss that is acupuncture as practiced by Michael Max, an experienced and caring practitioner. Also check out the clinic’s newsletter for info on free classes and health tips. P.C.

Highly recommended
Michael Max is a wonderful, caring acupuncturist. He takes time to listen to your complaints/issues, then carefully decides the best course of treatment. He’s interested in getting to the core of the problem to get you healthy, and is good to suggest other ideas, options, and healers to get you there. I drive two hours to see him because he’s the best. A.K.

Wonderful experience every time
Michael is great – he listens to the concerns, uncovers other issues by tuning into the body and inserts the needles quickly and easily and with no pain. Just one visit has been effective to solve a problem. I have a few issues he is currently working on and with the combination of herbs and acupuncture, things are steadily improving. I highly recommend Yong Kong Clinic and Michael to anyone.  A.H.

I was terrified of needles so I thought acupuncture was out of the question. However, my experience with Michael has been wonderful and I absolutely love “cupping” I have always been a fan of a swedish massage but this tops anything I have experienced.
I feel better than I have in years and I would recommend Yong Kang to everyone! S.K.

Acupuncture and fertility…
Not sure if you remember me, we met at a talk you did on sports injuries and started coming for treatment to deal with some running injuries and infertility last winter. I had to stop treatment around February due to financial constraints, but as it happened, I found out I was pregnant in March! Our son was born November 26, 2011.
I figure you definitely deserve some of the credit. I am constantly recommending your services to my friends who are trying to become pregnant. S.B.

I have to say a word of thanks…
My visit with you at your clinic easily resulted in one of the best improvements to my physical health in the last 10 years. As we discussed during the assessment my carpal tunnel in recent years has been difficult for me. I’d engaged in stretching exercises, massage, wrist splints, palm straps – all kinds of stuff. Some of it expensive. I’d adopted different chair heights, postures, and relaxation techniques during the work day. Some of it was helpful, and even enjoyable – what’s not to love about a good massage? Nothing had been truly effective.

One visit with you on a Friday, some acupuncture, and I subsequently spent the week end free of discomfort, and not missing the tingly fingers thing one bit. While driving the car I didn’t and haven’t since had to contort myself to find a comfortable position to grip the steering wheel. Amazing stuff. What a blessing! I’ve felt whole again. Thank you! J.G.

I was in such pain…
My neck and shoulder were so painful I couldn’t hold my head straight while driving to the Yong Kang Clinic. After just one treatment, I felt so much better that I was able to drive home normally. That first session quick started my complete recovery.
Michael Max works miracles with acupuncture. S.F.

Hi, it’s CF. I tracked you down… in Missouri!
For pete’s sake, if it’s not China, it’s the sweltering midwest. I guess I’m destined to never see you again. Damn. So, again, I need some help. Who do you recommend in Seattle these days?
The people in Missouri had better appreciate you. I look upon you as a national treasure, and I’m so sad that you’re not here any more. C.F. in Seattle

Analytical but also intuitive…
Stepping into Yong Kang Clinic is like being transported across the Pacific and deposited in a Chinese apothecary with its walls of herbs in carefully labeled jars. And then there’s Michael and his little post-it notes in Chinese and the many teas brought back from his annual travels. In other words, authenticity abounds.
I learned that Michael didn’t just study acupuncture and herbs, he studied Chinese so that he could read and translate original texts, and he studied and apprenticed in Asia to gain all the knowledge he could. It shows in his treatments: His assessment was thorough but not rote, analytical but also intuitive. His treatment used few needles in carefully chosen points and had an immediate palpable impact of opening the meridians so energy could move.
I’ve always loved acupuncture, studied it some myself at one point, and treatment from Michael reminds me of my best experiences with traditional Oriental medicine in Japan and China. A.H.

I was amazed…
Well what can I say – I met Michael in December to discuss his health insurance options. I went into his office not feeling very well and had a vacation that was in just a few days. Even though I was there to help him, he took the time to help me. He gave me what I termed “dirt” to take and sent me on my way with a little extra for the next couple of days. I was amazed – within one day I was feeling SO much better! I really appreciate how he took the time to make sure that I was treated and that this little cold did not ruin my vacation. Thanks a million Michael!! B.C.

Wonderfully considerate, listens to you…
Michael is the best. Ten years ago I tried the “pins” for a newspaper article on him. That little session gave me a strong insight to his skill. Wonderfully considerate, listens to you and you can always get “in” to see him… I highly recommend Michael Max. M.J

I was in agony, misery, and anguish…
Michael has saved my life…and probably the lives of those around me. I was in agony, misery, anguish, and in an all around bad place. Who knew that acupuncture would work? One session and I could move my neck, two sessions and I can move it even more. I AM IN LOVE! E. Lee

A lot has changed since last fall…
I want to let you know that a lot has changed since last fall and I have made a lot of changes since we last chatted. I wanted to thank you for being part of the team of folks that helped me to find some inner peace and to focus on self care and happiness. I quit my job and am now freelancing and consulting. It’s has brought me a lot of joy. G.Y