One of the best things about living in Asia is that I got to see firsthand there were some amazing practitioners of Oriental medicine, but there were also many who were average, and more than a few that were downright ill informed and marginally competent. lucky catsIndeed, as for any profession anywhere, there was a bell shaped curve that described the skill and effectiveness of Oriental medicine doctors.

It is true that this medicine comes out of Chinese culture, and if you have an understanding of the culture then the medicine is easier to learn. Especially if you can read the books in the original language. But, it is by no means inaccessible to those of us in the West who grew up with a different worldview. We just have to work a bit more diligently in acquiring an understanding the technology and perspective from which Chinese medicine arose. It’s not unlike someone with ADHD being prevented from starting and running a business. They have a certain set of challenges to overcome, but their “difficulty” might in fact give them unique insights into the business world. And so it is with Westerners practicing Eastern medicine. We can learn the technology, but we have to be a bit scrappy in the process.