It is not about mapping the body with a pre-modern GPS, nor is it about measurement and the superimposition of a one size fits all chart. Finding acupuncture points is more like following a scent or reading wind on the water. It it more closely akin to knowing how to cook because you understand the inherent nature of the ingredients and how they synthesize together, than it is about the lockstep obedience to  a recipe.

Finding acupuncture points is about knowing how the foot is connected to the ankle, and from there to the shoulder and neck. It is not about seeing a single point, but a area of influence within a larger interconnected web.

Acupuncture is not simply about memorizing what point treats a particular problem. It is about getting a glimpse of how a problem is constellated and held in place;  then knowing which points will loosen the threads that allows a problem to unwind itself.