If it is pain you want, we can refer you to some other therapies.
Acupuncture, while it does have sensation, few would call it pain.

My good friend Jean Paul, an accomplished acupuncturist who I first met in Taiwan and now lives on Vancouver Island in Canada, has this to say about acupuncture and pain.


Acupuncture hurts less than:

  • biting acupunctureyour tongue
  • a mosquito bite
  • a hypodermic needle injection
  • stubbing your toe
  • a paper cut
  • going through “security” at the airport
  • hitting your funny bone
  • a cat’s scratch
  • being pinched by your little sister
  • your average sore throat
  • ‘pins and needles’ from your arm falling asleep
  • falling down
  • getting a parking ticket
  • being slapped
  • waxing the hair from ANY part of your body
    (this is anecdotal, as I’ve never had this done. D swears it hurts, though)
  • having to listen to advice from your parents
  • an eyelash in your eyeball
  • a bee sting

Whatever ache, pain, or syndrome that
you hope acupuncture can help with,
acupuncture is a whole less painful than it is!