Wind Pool, Gallbladder 20
You already know this point. Intuitively your fingers gravitate here when you have a headache, your neck feels stiff, or your stress level has climbed into the orange zone.

acupuncture point to treat headache and common cold

GB 20 treats headaches, shoulder and neck tension and the common cold

This point is excellent for relieving neck pain, treating headaches, treating colds and fevers and bringing about a deep sense of relaxation and wellbeing.
“Wind Pool” is found in the corner where the large muscles in the back of the neck meet up with the occipital bone. Again, you probably already know where it is, as it is in the place that is tender to the touch and loves to be massaged when your neck feels stiff, or when you are just tired and slightly headachy.

How to use “wind pool” at home
There are a number of ways to stimulate this point without the use of needles. First of course, is massage. You can rub this point yourself, or do it for your partner or spouse. The other way to stimulate this point is through the use of heat therapy. Get one of those beanbag like pillows they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and are fill with either rice or flaxseed. Give it a quick zap in the microwave and then tuck it up under your cranium. Especially if you are prone to colds, or one of those “I can’t get warm” types of people, this kind of treatment not only feels great, but will help to regulate your system so you don’t feel so cold.

Take two and you will not have to call me in the morning
A terrific way to engage the muscle relaxation effect of “wind pool” is to take two tennis balls, put them into a clean sock and tie off the end. Then simply lie on your back on the floor and tuck the sock up under your occiput so the balls are pressing into those tender spots. This will help the muscles to gently release from their contracted state, and it can induce an almost hypnotic calm after 5-10 minutes as it triggers a deep relaxation response.

Suffer recurrent colds or often have a stiff neck?
One final note to those of you who are prone to colds or sensitive to wind and drafts. As the name of this point implies it is a place where “wind” gathers.” If you suffer from recurrent colds or are one of those people that “chill easily”, then be sure to wrap this part of your neck up in the winter and protect it from wind and cold. “Wind pool” has a connection with the immune system and if you protect yourself from wind and cold it will result in better health. But, you don’t need us to tell you that; your mother no doubt constantly reminded you of this when you were a kid!