Chinese herbs at yong kang clinic
I love watching those Olympic athletes bump through a mogul field, float a corkscrewed flip, land like cat and continue to scream like a banshee down the slope. The way those skaters pull off a triple backward spin and land on a thin edge of steel is truly miraculous. Watching world-class athletes is indeed amazing.

Equally amazing for me were the commercials. Especially the ones for prescription medication that combine the image of a smile-happy patient bouncing through life against the background rapid-fire litany of side effects and cautions.

This product may cause:
Insomnia                               Headaches
Diarrhea                                Hallucinations
Brest enlargement in men       Anxiety
Suicidal thoughts                    Back pain
Blurred vision                         Nausea
Constipation                           Decrease in sexual ability
Birth defects                           Liver damage
Joint aches                             Nose bleeds
Hair loss                                 Skin rashes
Dizziness                                Coughing
Urinary tract infections             Heartburn
Panic attacks
Dangerous if handled by pregnant women

“Ask you doctor if this drug is right for you.

Perhaps it is best that we should be ask ourselves if these drugs are right for US.

Are Chinese herbs dangerous? Depends on what you are comparing them to. There were some cases about 20 years ago of a number of patients suffering kidney failure after taking a diet pill that was a compound of various herbs and pharmaceuticals. Indeed there was a Chinese herb involved in the mix that was a known nephrotoxin. It was also an herb that any trained Chinese herbalist would avoid or use with extreme caution as we are aware of its potential dangers.

Are Chinese herbs effective? They can have powerful powerful affect on your physiology, and generally speaking when prescribed by a qualified and skilled practitioner they are quite safe, and effective.
That being said, as with anything posted on the Internet as a miracle cure-all or a medication guaranteed to treat XYZ condition, one should exercise caution in its purchase and use.

At Yong Kang Clinic we use only products that have been tested for contaminates, heavy metals, and are proven to be free adulterates. There are products from mainland China that you should be wary of; you will not find those at Yong Kang.

Have a question about Chinese herbs? Email us! We would be happy to help you enjoy the benefit of 2000+ years of Chinese medical science.