war-carts-and-umbrellasLong before we had bright florescent bottles filled with SPF rated goo, the Chinese came up a delightful form of protection from the sun; the “sun-brella.” They where standard equipment on the first emperor of China’s war carts. From there it has tumbled through history and cultures to our present day.

Call it a parasol, umbrella, bumbershoot or yangsan, they all are portable protection from the sun. While commonly employed here in they USA as shields against the rain, in Asia it is the rare woman that leaves home without accessorizing themselves against the peril of ultraviolet and darkened skin.


the-original-chinese-sunscreenNot only does this dome of shade protect from the sun, it provides a portable shadow and brings a hint of coolness even on a relentlessly sun-drenched afternoon. It is also darned handy when those mid-afternoon thunderstorms roll through town.

Want to make a fashion statement?

Protect yourself from future trips to the dermatologist? Reduce plastic bottle waste in landfills, or simply avoid smearing chemical cocktails on your skin? Use an umbrella!