buddha earsIt is a fancy term that gets bandied about quite a bit these days. It rides along on claims of fast and lasting treatment for weight loss and smoking cessation. As an acupuncturist I have found that there are points in the ears that are indeed powerful. Points that can shift an outlook, or release anxiety within the space several breaths.

Is this treatment as useful and magical as often advertised? Sometimes. However, in my experience when making shifts in habit it is also of great assistance to also put in place some strategies, and to have pre-planned alternatives for how to behave when the ruts of habit have you reaching for the cigarette or bag of salty, gooey crunch.

Acupuncture is effective in moving beyond cravings and creating habits that nourish Life. As one of my teachers like to say “acupuncture is not just sticking needles in people.” Likewise, auricular therapy is not just about needles in the ear, it should be combined with other points to support the treatment, along with a clear diagnosis and understanding of a person’s individual constitution.