We know that there are pathways through that body that can lead to astonishing relief from pain.

We know that things take time– that walking slowly in the right direction is much preferable to a sudden 90-degree turn in lifestyle.

Acupuncturists know that health is like cultivating a garden. That the turn of seasons will bring change — in fact, it is impossible for them to not.
The only question is what kind of change will occur.

We are not the only medical professionals that know the sweet of corn fructose will slowly saturate your liver with a fatty triglyceride ooze. That what you don’t eat can be as powerful as what you do.

You may not know how the open space on the back of your neck evaporates your immune system’s vital heat and results in that annoying post nasal drip that you think is an allergy, but your acupuncturist clearly understands that mechanism. And can help you do something about it.

Acupuncturists know that time and nature are the most profound and powerful healers.


That how we eat is as important as how much we eat. That our body and being are not separate from the caress of nature. That much illness is that of terrain, of the body losing it’s innate balance. And that we often don’t know when we have begun to drift until we hear the sound of waves upon the rocks.

Acupuncturists know that we are complex ecosystems; universes in our own right. Accountable to the seasons and laws of nature, and that within each of us is the cause of both illness and wellness.

And that balance and well-being are never static, but a constant symphonic-like flow of action and stillness.