I often walk into a palpable stillness when entering the room where someone has been marinating with needles for 20 or 30 minutes. That hinge between moments of eternity that is neither sleep nor waking is a common experience for many. While many patients come to the clinic because of pain, a condition that has not responded to other treatment or because they want to avoid the cascade effect of one medicine for an illness and two more meds for the side effects, others  find their way on a regular basis to Yong Kang Clinic for the restorative quietude that needles encourage.

Sometimes when life seems overwhelming, acupuncture literally can provide a “break” that allows you to completely drop your current frame of mind, enter a deep sense of neutral and emerge with a renewed outlook and energy.

You can use acupuncture for everything from panic attacks to pulling your mental game together before an important meeting or presentation. It busts emotional blockages and can put you back in touch with your own quiet truth.

Feeling at the end of your rope? Ready to run away and join the circus? An hour on our nicely warmed tables can reflect back to you your brilliance and slip you into a quiet so nourishing and vast you cannot help but experience appreciation and wonder.

Acupuncture loosens the emotional knots you’ve tied, pulls forth your innate vitality with the effortlessness of a child’s smile, and connects you with your own deepest resources of presence and internal strength.

Need a change of perspective? Call for an appointment with needles and quietude.