A common question asked about acupuncture is “will acupuncture help with weight loss?”

Of course, the answer is more complex than “yes, or no.” And as evidenced by the dizzying assortment of diet books, methods, protocols and conflicting research, bone broth soupit is safe to say that went it comes to nourishing ourselves it is not a “one size fits all” proposition.

And thus the topic of discussion with acupuncturist Xander Kahn, who I recently interviewed for the Everyday Acupuncture Podcast show.

While in acupuncture school, Xander discovered that weight loss involved more than just what he was putting in his mouth.

The effect of flavors, the importance of preserving and cultivating metabolic fire, and how our emotions and mindful (or not) habits help or hinder us; all this is part of the nourishment equation.

Listen in as we exchange the “food pyramid” for the “circle of flavors” and hear Xander’s personal journey of discovering mindful eating, natural medicine and sustained weight loss. And why acupuncture can be part of the solution to deep nourishment and optimal weight.


Show highlights:
4:20 A prescription for weight gain.
7:18 A surefire way to improve your sleep.
8:24 What about intermittent fasting?
12:31 The critical time not to eat.
16:52 The three key points to nutrition from the Chinese perspective.
18:28 The level of hunger that says “enough.”
26:57 The importance of “temperature” of food.
28:38 How ice causes metabolic mischief.
33:13 Try your own 30 day trial.
36:19 The influence of flavors.


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