If you have experienced issues with fertility, then you likely have put acupuncture and Chinese medicine on your list of treatments to consider. In my clinical experience I have seen these time honored Chinese methods to be of assistance to women who want to get pregnant. This article is written to help you know if you are a good candidate for using acupuncture or Chinese herbs.

Chinese medicine, unlike western medicine, is not looking to push, prod, or pull your body into an artificial hormonal flux that forces your ovaries into producing more eggs or speeding up the ripening process. With acupuncture and herbs we are looking to promote the overall harmony and function of all your organs, as the journey of pregnancy and parenthood involves more than the production and fertilization of a couple of cells. Furthermore, getting pregnant is one thing; being able to carry a health baby to term is another issue. Just as you want to plant seeds in moist, rich, nutrient filled soil, not a rocky, clay-packed field. So too, you want to be sure that you provide a welcoming and growth producing internal environment for a young growing life.

Who is a good candidate for treatment with acupuncture and herbs?

  • Women who have issues with their periods; such as debilitating menstrual pain, irregular periods, purple-black menstrual blood, or heavily clotted menstrual flows.
  • Women for whom western medicine has not found “anything wrong”
  • Women who have a family history of “problems with getting pregnant”

Issues with the menstrual cycle are often a good indication that there may be issues with fertility. Chinese medicine can do wonders for helping to regulate a woman’s menstruation, and this is often the first step promoting fertility.

Once the factors that lead to the period being irregular are removed, an increase in fertility is a common side effect. For those women who already have a problem free period, then other issues need to be explored.

If you are considering using Chinese medicine and acupuncture to enhance your fertility, please do not use it as a last resort measure. In my clinical experience, once a woman has had her endocrine system tapered with by hormonal therapy, it is more difficult and takes more time for the Chinese medicine methods to work. Best to use it as your first alternative, as your body’s natural flux and balance have yet to be severely altered and perhaps permanently changed (ask any woman who has experience about the effects of Clomid)

Finally, remember that getting pregnant is only one part of a long process of bringing a new life into the world. Being able to carry your pregnancy to term is another part of the process you need to consider. Properly nourishing yourself, making sure you’re as strong and vital as possible is an important aspect of promoting natural fertility.