Pricing and Services

As of November 1, 2017 the clinic fees are as follows:

First visits $135, and an hour and a half of your time.
Why the lengthy first appointment?
Because it is important to have enough time to get a clear understanding of your situation, and in this way see what deficiencies are contributing to your health concern, what strengths already contribute to your wellbeing and how these can be cultivated to be of further assistance to you.

Regular follow-up visits are $95.
They usually require about an hour of your time.
Should you need more than one treatment a week, any additional treatment within the same calendar week is discounted by $15.

Herbal consultations without acupuncture are $50, and last for roughly 30 minutes.
Herbal consultations are included in regular office visits.

Cupping runs $35-50. Cupping is the use of  vacuum therapy to decompress the tissues, mobilize blood and fluid flow, and free up toxins from within the tissues.
A 15 minute cupping session is $35, and 30 minute sessions are $50.
When 15 minutes of cupping is added onto an acupuncture treatment the fee is $20.


We offer treatment packages of 6, 12 and 20 treatments that offer further discounts.
Six treatment package – $510
Twelve treatment package – $960
Twenty treatment package – $1400

Clinic Hours:
Monday          9-6
Tuesday         1:30-6
Wednesday    9-6
Thursday        1:30-8
Friday              9-5

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