Journey Beyond Sugar with two personal coaching sessions



Journey Beyond Sugar, a 45 day guided journey of intention, action and change to help you discover your best way to live into a life without sugar.

This level of the journey includes two 50 minute coaching sessions.



What this is:
This is a guided inquiry into finding your own best way of living into a life free from the grasp of sugar, its cravings and adverse effects your health, energy and wellbeing.

What you get:
45 days of email that guide you in the exploration of how sugar has intertwined itself into your life and proven methods you can engage to transform your relationship with sugar.

Two 50 minute sessions of focused coaching on the obstacles that naturally arise whenever you engage in a process of change for the purpose of living a life more congruent with your intentions.

Return policy:
If at the end of two weeks you find the journey is not for you, your money will be cheerfully refunded.

Privacy policy:
Yong Kang Clinic and Journey Beyond Sugar throughly respect your privacy.

Customer information is collected only for the purpose of processing your order. This information is kept confidential behind a three foot thick concrete wall, surrounded by an alligator infested moat, and guarded by an ancient samurai secret society.  We take your privacy seriously and do not mess around when it comes to keeping your confidential information out of the hands of smarmy marketing types.

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