From January 16 through January 31 Jane Lewis will again be visiting us from Taiwan. Those of you that have worked with Jane in the past know this is a rare opportunity to get some movement into the stuck areas of life. I'm delighted she'll be here at Yong Kang Clinic for two weeks this time.

Below you'll find a list of her offerings. Please give me a call at the clinic if you have questions or want to book some time with her.

(1) Biodynamic cranial touch

“Let the forces that created the body heal the body”

This work, at a deep level, helps you bodily re-familiarize with your natural and very personal state of health. That natural state that perhaps you dimly remember from another time, but over the years has become hidden or masked as a response to past or present emotional and physical injury or disharmony. There is no drug or treatment method outside of yourself that intimately knows your own unique blueprint for wellbeing. This gentle process reintroduces to that restorative resource that is always waiting quietly inside each and every one of us.

This work can be great at supporting deep lifestyle change of any type. A typical after-session feeling is like that of a deeply rejuvenating — and timeless — retreat. The work is not intended primarily to be therapeutic or medical, although it does have medical and therapeutic effects … sometimes transformative.

Common issues people come with are –
– Any type of “mysterious” body condition whose source is unknown or is not responding in expected ways.
– Repetitive emotional loops
– Anything feeling deep and stuck
– Long-term conditions where you are in an unsatisfying holding pattern.
– Nervous disorders
– Chronic stress (it can have the effect of a deep vacation – and you can ask for a double session if it feels like this is what you need)
– Unfreezing necks and shoulders (usually in 1 session).

“It has been my experience that presence is a more powerful catalyst for change than analysis and that we can know beyond doubt things we can never understand. My Grandfather’s Blessings by Rachel Remen”

What happens in a session?

You come in, meet Jane, perhaps orient a bit to what you are working on. You lie (fully clothed and very cozy) on a comfortable massage table.

The massage table session unfolds from stillness. It is extremely comfortable. Perhaps she places her hands on or near you in only 1 or 2 places. Once the session begins, there is minimal talk. It's quiet. You may feel you are dreaming or floating or you may feel muscle, breath, or energetic shifts and releases. The body-reorientation begins — some shifts are subtle and barely noticeable, some are like bubbles popping from somewhere inside, or flows of energy like rivers inside. Most people come out of a session with an ethereal sense of wellbeing.

While you may think that all you wanted was pain relief, you may find that not only is your pain greatly reduced but seemingly unrelated aspects of your life are touched and begin to change. This is the way it should be everyday when your body-mind is healthy and balanced.

Cranial touch sessions are US$120 for 1-1.5 hours of work together (count on 2 hours of your time as you will be able to linger in the clinic)

Although not necessary, it is effective to book three sessions to encourage the body as it releases orientation to old patterns. (3 sessions, USD$300)

(2) Half Day Mini-Retreat

Life offers its wisdom generously. Everything teaches. Not everyone learns. Life asks of us the same thing we have been asked in every class: “Stay awake.” “Pay attention.” But paying attention is no simple matter. It requires us not to be distracted by expectations, past experiences, labels and masks. It asks that we not jump to conclusions and remain open to surprise.
My Grandfather’s Blessings by Rachel Remen

There is no self we can construct that will survive a real conversation. ~ David Whyte

Take half a day (up to 4 hours) out of your normal routine to delve into something important – clarify it and come out with a profoundly renewed inner sense of yourself, expansiveness, clear actions forward and deep well-being. These are typical results.

When we begin, you’ll simply orient me to what you are hoping the result will be by the end of our retreat, and together we’ll plot and negotiate our path. Typical methods on these retreats might include BCT, Dialogue, Fortune Cookie process, Aura Mechanics, Quick Cranial Touch or Transformation Map. There is the option of on-going coaching for those who wish follow-up over time.

Fortune Cookie Process
Let's say you have a thorny situation brewing inside – it could be an recent or upcoming life transition, a sense you’re not fully living yourself into the world, or a question you are wrestling with, and it's just not resolving by itself. Maybe you come simply with a vague sense “it’s time”. What do you do? Most people find themselves at times just stuck with regard to something important, not really able to do anything, not knowing with whom they can engage the issue generatively. Because of this, they stay stuck. Action is what unlocks everything, allowing the new to emerge. The burning question is … what action? Random action usually won’t do it, but action arrived at after inner reflection is a different story.

Develop your capacity to live something besides the old story!

What if you could just quickly pick up a fortune cookie with the answer inside? Well, it's not quite that fast, but almost. This is a unique 90 minute process and there's lots of great learning – often quite a bit of laughter too, though people rarely believe this in advance – as you arrive at your own decision for an action based on a new way of seeing the situation.

With a fortune cookie session, people are surprised when a “question-only process” opens up their thinking and moves them from stuck with no (or few) attractive ideas, to having a number of good ones to pick from. You'll be guided through open questions to your own (frequently surprising) decision for an action you are ready to take. Once action starts, things seem to change, by themselves, and you are no longer stuck. This process is great for individuals who have an issue they seem to be constantly stumbling over, and great also for groups working on a project as it builds natural teamwork.

The “work part” takes 1.5 hours. These sessions are generative conversations, and are also offered over the Internet. Feel free to book with Jane after she’s returned to Taiwan.

“Only when we admit that we have “no way” do we have any hope of finding one.”

Transformation Map
Ever wish you were another person — or yourself with another life? Maybe you feel split, with a part of you wanting to start a totally new project, and another part holding tightly to a status quo that somehow feels flat. Maybe you've just run out of juice and those things that FEEL attractive seem impossible.

Is it time for a new map of the territory? How do we map things so we’re propelled both by the draw forward by what we love, and push, behind by what we no longer wish to be experiencing … double fuel?!! Bring on the re-write! Here's a deep, fast-moving exploration that taps into multiple intelligence processes. Transforms underlying paradoxes into resources, clarifies strengths you already possess and unearths hidden resources to help you navigate the inevitable challenges and opportunities that accompany any journey of change.

There are different versions –  20 minutes, 1.5 hours and 4 hours. Truth is, groups may even opt for the 3 day version of this, which both re-writes and maps out each person’s part in a fully enlivening format! At the end of this process you typically come away profoundly sensing (feeling in your body) the difference and potential that is on offer. You will have your own map of what's there, and fresh ideas and impulses on how to navigate it. Maps “create from the future,” which is a funny way to speak, but it holds the truth that there is a bodily sense of what life is offering that we individually know to be the “us” we are meant to live into. In it you do some pretty deep reality work.

In the 4(+)-hour version, there are two loops to this process. In the “learn while planning loop” we go through five distinct and creative Q/A processes that result in a personalized map of the whole territory you are working with. Where are you now? Where do you want to arrive? What's going on now that is an obstacle to the vision you have? How can you deal with the obstacles? What are you now ready to do? You’ll notice there’s a very different result to answering these questions now in your head, and answering them in earnest while being listened to deeply.

Regardless of the time we might spend on this, it’s typical to see many things in your own situation that you never saw before. If you opt for the full mini-retreat doing this, know it can be an intense process. Plan to arrive for the work refreshed and ready!

Quick Cranial Touch
This is a very short focused intervention that can be delivered in as little as 3 minutes, but having 8-10 minutes brings more profound results. It takes any bodily distress down one, or many, notches. Through directing awareness, breath and very light and caring touch (to the head and upper chest) all types of pain and discomfort, physical, mental, emotional (even existential!) can be reduced and quite often completely “dissolved.” After experiencing it, some people wish to take the time to learn and practice doing it, leaving with a new tool for a life-long remedy right in their own hands. At distance, Jane can walk anyone through doing this for themselves or for someone else. I’ve been known to provide sound files or video files that people can practice to.

Aura Mechanics
At some point we all may come to realize that our path in life is unlike that of anyone else, and we want to take in some radically different views of what life really is about, and what we may be uniquely designed to do. This perspective starts with an assumption that who we are, energetically affects us in ways that are at odds with our thoughts about who we are. It sets up the context for “life observation research” as well as, certainly, for some juicy dialogue while we are together. We might spend from 5 minutes to … the full 4 hours exploring the dynamics of how “the energy of you” may be operating perfectly, yet at odds with your self-image of you. Again, this type of session can be held at distance after Jane returns to Taiwan.

Mini-Retreats are $500 for half a day.

If you are wishing for a Mini-Retreat, please provide 2 pieces of information at the time you book:
1) the destination you wish to arrive at by the end of the retreat – what’s the potential end point that makes this retreat worth it for you? I expect for this to be worded in a way that it seems impossible or deeply unreasonable. Please! Those ‘wishes’ provide us with fuel for some very focused and productive work!
2) Your birth date (and general time of day, if you happen to know). When you arrive, I’ll show you what I’ve done with this information. I can almost guarantee we’ll arrive at at least one profound, provocative and surprising insight examining a model of the influence of birth, if you’re up for it.