Travel and Culture

Coffee at Seven

Unlike the wasteland of over-sized drinks and decay-proof food in the USA, the 7-11's of Taiwan are a vibrant and vital node of connection and exchange. You would need to roll UPS, Kinko's, a train system that does not even exist in the USA, the corner cafe,... read more

Facilitative Questioning

This is a demonstration of Jane Lewis using the process of facilitative questioning to get to the heart of what began as an unspoken dilemma. This process can be done with an individual or group to help the inquirer find an action they are ready to take with a... read more

Presence and Persistence

It does not come easy for most Americans. It does not come easy for those of us raised on a diet of “right now,” of hopes and promises of overnight riches, of guaranteed transformation in 10 days. With eyes focused on the instant, it feels like a water... read more

Taiwanese Rules of Traffic

It's crowded in Taiwan. Crowded in a way that most Americans would not want to think too long about. Crowded and with rules of human brownian motion seeped from a culture that avoids conflict and direct confrontation. So it can be confusing. Confusing when we try... read more

Breathing Taiwan

It's a complicated perfume of lurid tropical flowers and scooter exhaust, mixed with outdoor kitchens, acrid-sweet temple incense and wrapped all together into a humid embrace. The first thing I wanted to do after arriving in Tainan was to slip out into the night... read more

Chinese Medicine is Hard to Learn in China

In the rush and tumble obedience to laboratory science Chinese medicine in China has embraced the isolation of the petri dish, single molecular interactions and the reductionist lens of seeing the trees at the expense of the forest Students in many of the Chinese... read more


The synchronic adjustment between time zones is only one part of the shifting required when settling into a time zone that crosses oceans, languages and customs. Certainly, there is the internal clock of sleep and digestion that finds itself unhinged from the... read more

Oh, so it is like this..

I bought a ticket from one of Taipei’s kabillion 7/11’s for the the high speed train that time slices the journey from Taipei to Tainan. For a 35 cent service charge the pre-ticket sales line at the train station can be avoided. Taiwanese 7/11’s... read more

Ten years ago

Ten years ago this would not have been possible. Ten years ago the world was a different place. Ten years ago you could not fly directly from Shanghai to Taiwan. In fact, you could not fly anywhere from mainland China directly to Taiwan. Ten years ago you needed to... read more

Learning language

I always enjoy the language lessons from cabbies. Quite often they are the lessons learnt from the stumbles of my less than “standard” mandarin. Other times from the miscommunication of thinking that one thing means another. Like when I first was learning... read more


Tea is not a quick affair. It takes time. Time to settle into a chair and visit the steaming water and leaves. It is a rare moment in our point-and-click UPS delivered life, to drop the to-do list and sink into a wandering conversation. The kind without an agenda, the... read more

The Imperial Capitol

The anomaly of the cotton wet grey sky does not match the desiccated grit that dusts everything with its dull chalk patina. The lack of sun has nothing to do with saturated clouds of moisture, but from the hydrocarbon exhalation of a country that “makes... read more